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 * Copyright (C) 2005-2007 Takahiro Hirofuchi


#include "usbip.h"

struct usbip_stub_driver {
      int ndevs;
      struct sysfs_driver *sysfs_driver;

      struct dlist *edev_list;      /* list of exported device */

struct usbip_exported_device {
      struct sysfs_device *sudev;

      int32_t status;
      struct usb_device    udev;
      struct usb_interface uinf[];

extern struct usbip_stub_driver *stub_driver;

int usbip_stub_driver_open(void);
void usbip_stub_driver_close(void);

int usbip_stub_refresh_device_list(void);
int usbip_stub_export_device(struct usbip_exported_device *edev, int sockfd);

struct usbip_exported_device *usbip_stub_get_device(int num);

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